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Everstorm/Cultivation connection?


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First time poster, so I'm not sure if this theory has ever been brought up before. I apologize if I'm retreading some well worn ground here. I can't explain why or how, but I think that going through an Everstorm for some reason starts to heal/reverse the effects that Cultivation bestows on her visitors. Dalinar in the Storm at the end of WoR starts remembering Evi soon after. Lift in the Storm at the end of Edgedancer and she can tell she is getting bigger and older in Oathbringer. As far as Taravangian, well I haven't finished RoW yet and I know that stuff is supposed to go into that section of the forums. Anyway, just an idea I've had up in the old brain so I thought I'd throw it out to you guys and gals to tear apart. Enjoy!

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I don't think so. For Dalinar - the memory gaps came and went at just the right cadence to prepare him for the confrontation with Odium at the end of Oathbringer. It's not that "losing his memory" was the effect and then it "wore off" - the whole thing (memories coming and going) was the plan all along, to get him to reject Odium at the key moment.

For Lift - she never had the boon she thought she did. Sh says that she's never going to grow up, but she's been growing all along. Also, RAFO in RoW.

Taravangian - up until RoW, his boon/curse hasn't really changed since the Everstorm started, he's been having days of different smartness/compassion like before. In RoW, RAFO.

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