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Research-Watching: Social Justice Lawyers


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I'm brainstorming an OC, and i realized I really don't consume the right kind of media to get her right. I'm looking for media following the story of a young lawyer, like, believes more in the ieals above the law- equality, justice, generally Protecting People- who gets exposed to a case related to discrimination or human rights violation that reveals an entire phenomena of injustice she didn't know about, takes the case on despite better judgment and does a lot of hand on Investigation work. Because it's a fantasy work, I'm a bit less concerned with researching the details of the whole Law part, and more on the spirit of the character, their journey and the plot steps they go through- so i guess if you have recommendations that have a journalist instead they'll work.

I know Law Drama is a big genre and this is probably a vauge request, but I really barely ever watch anything that isn't fantasy or sci-fi, so i have no idea how to find my arms and legs in this, and need to be recommended The Best clearest/well done examples cuz i really don't know where to start. 

Also, any fantasy books that center on Legal Drama would also be help , evne if they dont fit the specific plot.

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Of the legal dramas I've watched, I consider "The Good Wife" to be the most accurate in terms of the practice of law, the moral and ethical dilemmas lawyers face, and the culture of law.  The main character is in private practice, but she does do some Pro-Bono work.

Suits is also decent on occasion, but tends to get caught up in the whole "angry men yelling at each other" thing too often, and is more about office politics than legal work.  

For books, Three Parts Dead involves "firms" that are like law firms, but instead of lawyers they are necromancers, and instead of arguing legal cases they do magic stuff.  Despite the fantastical premise, I found some of the cultural notes very familiar.


EDIT:  I haven't watched it, but the RBG movie might also be something along the lines you are looking for.  

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