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Theory on reviving dead spren


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Based on the fact Ishar can take a bond from someone as he almost did with Dalinar and The Stormfather’s bond, could he take a broken bond such as the one between a “dead” spren like Maya and transfer it to a new person, such as Adolin, to have them swear a radiant ideal to revive the spren by having the same bond attached switched to someone who hadn’t broken their oaths. It may be less satisfying than what Adolin appears to be on the path to accomplishing, but it’d be a way to bring back all of the dead-eyes.

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That makes sense, but I think that it will just be Adolin who brings her back. That would give more confidence to the spren if he did it and make them more willing to bond. However if Ishar did it, they may be more likely to bond his followers. Of course it seems like he may soon recover from his insanity and join Dalinar if the mission is accomplished, so who knows maybe he will do it after that.

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One of the books mentions that dead (or "mostly" dead) spren can be revived if their Radiants swear their oaths again. But maybe not necessarily the same person? At the end of Adolin's court hearing, Maya and Adolin both kinda say at least a part of the first ideal (strength before weakness). Maybe they need to, idk, say it together?

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