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[Spoilers Elantris] How did Mraize get it to Roshar?


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4 minutes ago, redshadow310 said:

Another possible box [Spoilers Mistborn Era 2]

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You also see a very similar box on Scadrial in The Bands of Mourning. Kelesina Shores speaks with Mr. Suit through one before her servant shoots her to frame Wax. Of course it's possible it is some kind of radio communication. 


Holy crap good catch! I hadn't considered that it was anything but Wax's inexperience with technology, but he does call it a "boxy device" or a "box," and comments that he wants to send it to Elendel for inspection - although i don't think we ever see what comes of this. It adds a slight metallic tinge to the speaker's voice though, which may indicate that it is just a radio, but Wax also makes an odd comment about the Set's secret technology, much of which does come from foreign sources (although still scadrian). Another BoM artifact that might be of interest to us are the allomantic grenades. Scadrian technology, to be sure, but metal boxes that store allomentic energy and intent? They may relate somehow to the Seon box as well.


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