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Mixing with Tones


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What Rhythm do you think would be created if all three were mixed?


War = Storm + Void

Tower = Storm + Life

??? = Void + Life

????? = Void + Life + Storm


You can make a harmony from three tones so this should be possible. I have no idea what this could end up being though. 


Also random thought, would the anti-light of a hybrid affect the pure tones that were used in their creation?

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Storm + Life appears to be more properly 'Science'.

Life + Void appears to be 'Freedom':


Venli searched for something else. The tone of Cultivation. Odium’s song could suffuse her, fueling her powers and enflaming her emotions, but that tone … that tone had belonged to her people long before he’d arrived. While she searched for it, she listened to her mother’s songs in her mind. Like chains, spiked into the stone so they’d remain strong during storms, they reached backward through time. Through generations.


The tone snapped into her mind, Cultivation and Odium mixing into a harmony, and it thrummed through Venli. She opened her eyes as power spread from her through the stones. They began to shake and vibrate to the sound of her rhythm, liquid, forming peaks and valleys in time with the music. The floor, ceiling, and walls before her rippled, and a trail of people formed from the stone. Moving, alive again, as they strode away from pain, and war, and killing.

Freedom. The stones whispered to her of freedom. Rock seemed so stable, so unchangeable, but if you saw it on the timescale of spren, it was always changing. Deliberately. Over centuries. She had never known her ancestors, but she knew their songs. She could sing those and imitate their courage. Their love. Their wisdom.

Sanderson, Brandon. Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive) . Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. 

The mixture of all three feels like 'humanity' as much as anything else. 

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