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General rythm of war kaladin discussion and theories


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Ok so there are a few moments in rythm of war that like feel really important and I haven’t seen anyone talking about them.


When he is standing over text and turns on lezian kaladins eyes are glowing like a normal radiants but also faintly yellow/red like a fused

ever since they made war light I had this feeling kaladin somehow was gonna use it at some point I doubt that is what happened here but irk what is happening here

is the shardplate thing kaladin does normal it seems incredibly powerful and like something that Dalinar woudl have seen the windrunners in the visions do


also kaladins reputation has become similar to kelsiers except really his reputstion is way stronger. He killed one of the strongest fused we have seen and he didn’t just kill him he absolutely humiliated him a 7000 year old warrior and he just destroyed him.

his reputation among the fused is probably bordering on mythical he borderline took back the tower alone and made a very strong effort of resisting the occupation. Beyond that the absolute conviction with which moash asserted that kaladin could not be killed by an enemy and his humiliation of lezian will probably make even more people think that and that isn’t even factoring in shardplate. kaladin was already like a Christ figure similar to kelsier with the being hung up in the storm thing and his reputation was already pretty mythical even the fused in kholinar at the beginning we’re talking about him. But now not only is his reputation probably borderline that of the heralds.

I feel like this means he probably is gonna die or ascend, most of the other main characters look at kaladin and go wow he is awesome. That just idk it seems like he could die. Part of this is I think now he is just so capable he really can’t stay alive, the only mortals I can think of in maybe the whole cosmere that coudl really match kaladin rn in just a straight fight would be fullborn and szeth, kaladin especially when enraged can body people with crazy powers, can heal and have lived in a constant state of war for 7000 years, even if we went through every generation of ancient radiants I suspect we wouldn’t find more then50-100 people near his level, considering that lezian always goes after the strongest and has never been killed twice you maybe wouldn’t find more then a dozen. Point is he is just so capable that he can easily make other conflicts obsolete , like its idk let’s say lifts problem and she need to sort this out and beat this guy oh wait kaladin is here now and he just wins because everyone we have seen stand in his way has died.

alternatively the whole child of tanavast thing on top of this could potentially lead to him becoming honor, which I’m skeptical of but it does seem very possible that he could ascend.

But kaladin is also cosmere aware now thanks to zahel so where could that lead idk, but I can’t help but feel that if kaladin managed to transport syl off roshar even without any storm light and even if he couldn’t bring his shardplate wind spren with him, he could still be very dangerous. I just really wonder what the pint of him being cosmere aware is.


Wait what if dalinar loses the context right but maybe dies like completely or goes out as odiums champion, and then kaladin follows or is ordered right before this to stop dalinar and basically kaladin follows dalinar fixing what he screws up.



this is super random 

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