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Recreating Adonalsium


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Navani’s experiments combining different tones to produce Warlight and Towerlight seem really significant when it comes to the idea of merging the Shards back into Adonalosium. 

Harmony repeatedly has said his opposing powers make it difficult for him to act. While I understand Ruin and Preservation have merged with him to produce Harmony, and that he’d drop Harmony, I think the Harmony he has is really more Harmony between opposing forces- not unification of those forces into something new like what Navani did when she created Warlight and Towerlight.

Lots of science in this book suggesting investiture can be intent agnostic and shift intents based on the vibration (intent) influencing it at a given moment. Intent acting like light or sound as a wave through matter, aligning the investiture to the intent expressed through the wave.

I assume each Shard has a pure tone. Perhaps the sixteen tones can be blended to produce the song of Adonalosium. 

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