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Can Spren Become Radiant?


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This is a crazy theory, but the symmetry is quite appealing to me. The initial inspiration for this comes from this passage describing Glys and Renarin recalling a vision for Dalinar:


Glys, who preferred to hide within Renarin, grew excited. He’d captured this vision as it came, so they could study it. Renarin wasn’t quite so enthusiastic. It would be so much easier if he were like other Radiants.


Around Renarin, the stained glass windows began to crumble. It took Stormlight and effort by Glys to re-create them—and he was plainly getting tired. Gradually, Renarin’s world became normal.

Sanderson, Brandon. Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive) . Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. 

The key point here is that Glys is the one that 'captured' the vision, and Glys is the one using the Stormlight, and Glys creating the images. If these are through surges (and the 'capture' sounds similar to e.g. Shallan's Memory), Glys appears to be the ones using the surges.

A separate observation, by Navani:


The guard hummed a tone, and accompanied it with a long-suffering sigh for Navani’s benefit. He glanced around for support, but the only other singer nearby was Raboniel’s daughter, who sat outside the room with her back to the wall, holding a sword across her lap and staring off into the distance while humming. It wasn’t a rhythm, Navani realized, but a tune she recognized—a human one sung sometimes at taverns. How did the Fused know it?

Sanderson, Brandon. Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive) . Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. 

Where the does music come from? The most obvious solution is just that Raboniel's daughter heard it, but we don't see any other Listener/Singer hum anything beyond their 'emotion' rhythms. And the parshmen didn't sing at all, when they were (apparently) unConnected due to the BAM captivity. So it doesn't seem like they sing because it's something they overheard; they sing because they have some sort of capital-C Connection to the source of the music.

Part A: What if Glys is the surgebinder between him and Renarin? Still trying to work through this, but the basic idea would be that the 'corruption' essentially creates a hole or a break in the spren that could be filled by outside Investure (much like how it works with people) - and this changes the bond, perhaps making it not exactly reversed, but maybe more symmetric.

Part B: What is Raboniel's daughter's spren could also bind with a human in a similar way? Or...what if Raboniel's daughter could bind with a human (as they are practically spren themselves, and 'broken' spren at that)?

Part C: What if the deadeye spren all have similar 'holes' due to the damage from the broken bonds post-BAM capture? In a way Adolin might be sort of proving this as he seems to be able to provide energy to Maya, if with difficulty:


Maya’s howls came to a crescendo of anguish, then she fell silent, gasping for breath. Weak. Too weak.

Take it, Adolin thought to her. Take some of my strength.

She looked right at him, and despite her scratched-out eyes, she saw him. Adolin felt something, a warmth deep within him. Maya drew in air, filling her lungs. Her expression livid as she gathered all of her strength, she prepared to shout again. Adolin braced himself for the screech. Her mouth opened.

And she spoke.

Sanderson, Brandon. Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive) . Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. 

So human can somehow power spren, rather than the reverse. But for whatever reason the process is inefficient, or doesn't work well - maybe because humans are aren't just of Honor and Cultivation, but also of Odium. So they need a spren with all three aspects for the connection to be able to flow in the direction of the spren.

My wild surmise is that the deadeyes will need to be 'corrupted' in order to be restored (such potential for drama there, too) - and that the Fused will be able to bond with humans (in the reverse way). That's how the war will end.

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