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What is it with Brandon and Polish language?


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OK, so the fact that Jasnah's name sounds very much like the Polish word for 'bright' ('jasna') has been recognized: it's in the Stormlight Archive Wiki article and even has it own WoB:



Jasnah's name. What was the origin for it?

Brandon Sanderson

Jasnah's name predates most of the language work that I did. It comes from ancient, kind of Semitic languages-- playing around with those. And then her name became one of the ones that I built the language around. Because after I had named her, and written the whole book, I had named her and Dalinar. Kaladin's name changed once I had rebuilt the linguistics. Shallan's name changed once I rebuilt the linguistics. But Dalinar and Jasnah kind of became the origins. But it's ancient-- you know, a blend of Arabic and Hebrew. It's kind of-- yeah.


Because I have an interesting tidbit--

Brandon Sanderson



"Jasna" in Polish actually means "bright."

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah, I've been told that! Just-- I went to Poland, like, last-- like a couple of months ago, and they're like, "Did you know this?" I had no idea.

Ad Astra 2017 (May 5, 2017)

Less know fact is that a name of one Herald (Vedel) also sounds similar-ish to Wedel (pron. Veh-del), a well-recognized brand of candy in Poland (I think Lift would approve).

And now we finally have the name of Cultivation's Vessel: Koravellium Avast / Koravari. 'Kora' means 'tree bark' in Polish :) 

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When it comes to names, Brandon seems to pull from lots of languages intentionally, and some perhaps due to some connection to the spiritus mundi.

If I'm remembering correctly, "meshram" in Sanskrit derived languages means "singer", which makes the name Ba-Ado-Mishram very intriguing to me. 

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