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How will this work?(full book spoilers)


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So we got the reveal of what Shardplate is in this book (a lot of people have speculated what it was I didn't want it to be lesser spren but unsurprisingly how Brandon wrote it was really good so I like it). What I am wondering is how Renarins plate will work the impression that I got is that Sja-anat does not have that many corrupted spren so will she have to corrupt a ton of spren so Renarin can get living plate? Or will Renarin just keep using Dalinars old plate? Or will Renarin be able to use uncorrupted spren for his plate (that seams unlikely to me)? It seams like Sja-anat will be able to operate more openly now that Odium has a new Vessel so it could be that she will be able to send and corrupt more spren more easily and it wont be an issue.

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