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Things I've noticed while reading the book


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I took notes after reading each chapter, I'll try to compress everything that I've noticed into here:

-In chapter 31, Venli called Nomon "Honor's Moon".

-In chapter 34, Nomon rode a horse, whom he said was not imagined by humans. My guess is Ryshadium.

- In chapter 40, the Sibling called Adhesion the truest surge of Honor. It was also confirmed that Fused don't have access to it.

-The aviar that Lift ended up having was originally owned by someone with rings, who was killed by Mraize.

-In chapter 67, Venli says that to summon new voidlight she could sing the Song of Prayer, but they she was scared of doubt so as it might draw Odium's attentions.

-In chapter 87, it is mentioned that the Ire sold a device that keeps stormlight to the Honorspren.

-In Hesina's interlude, it is confirmed she is from a town in Alethkar. So the Kaladin born in Kharbranth theories are incorrect.

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