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RoW Epigraph Guess


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I know we’re close to release but I was listening to the released audiobook chapters when I heard something that gave me and idea on what one of the parts epigraphs could be for RoW. Posting here to see what y’all think and probably get the usual “Are you even reading the same books, friend?” comment. 

During the Heavenly Ones/Windrunner battle around the Fourth Bridge, Kaladin makes a remark after he notices the Fused are trying to get a better look at the craft. Something along the lines of “From Jasnah’s interviews with the Herald Ash, who herself was thousands of years old, was shocked by something like the Fourth Bridge”(extremely and poorly paraphrased).

So, my thought is that maybe excerpts from these interviews will serve as epigraphs. Other than the letters, they would serve roughly the various purposes of the other epigraphs. Also would serve as a nice tease to the Heralds flashback books in the back 5. What’d ya guys think? 

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I’m counting Kelek in order to vindicate this theory. 

in absolutely no way does this make sense and I am awarded zero points. May the Fox(phone autocorrected to this from God, toats keeping it) Beyond have mercy on my soul. 



Side note though, kinda bummed about the lack of Ash and Taln in this book. Getting Kelek and Ishar was awesome but it would’ve been cool to see at least a bit of progress with Taln. Inb4 talk therapy scenes with Taln and Kal. My soul needs this. 

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