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The Honorspren are done being blades


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Just wanted to throw out my last-minute RoW theory on the Honorspren. I believe that they will no longer bond with humans (other than the Bridge 4 squad) and that the envoy to Lasting Integrity will fail. As an alternative to bonding humans, the Honorspren will give some of the pro-Honor humans Endowmentblades. They see that there is some honor in men but don't trust the lives of their entire "species" that something like the Recreance won't ever happen again.

This rampant speculation is based on:

  • Azure agreed to tell an Honorspren how to make an Endowmentblade in exchange for travel to the Horneater Peaks in Shadesmar.
  • The RoW US cover art which appears to show Adolin with a blade that has a rainbow effect near it, just outside what appears to be Lasting Integrity


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The envoy will mostly succeed because that will be the time Adolin revives Maya and the honorspren will see what humans are capable of. Before the honorspren chose to bond again they tell the envoy that the Windrunners squires must revive the dead honorspren.

Cue montage of all the Windrunner blades being stolen by the Squires. 





I back this up with zero evidence and absolutely no logic.  

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