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Sleepless in (not Seattle)


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Nikli also says:


"...We, who protect planets."

Which suggests that they are out there protecting multiple planets, not just Roshar. That could refer to the fact that the Dawnshards could threaten more than just Roshar, or that they've seen more than one planet destroyed, or both. 

Then again, they only have taken over protecting the Dawnshards because the larkins have gone mostly extinct. So that wasn't their original intent, apparently. So I guess I would interpret it as such:

1. They have seen the effects of the dawnshards on either their homeworld or another world they have inhabited (e.g., Ashyn, Threnody).

2. They were not originally the protectors of the DS but now are because the original guardians are no more (or, rather, were). 

3. Thus they now protect planets by protecting the DS. 

But what other planets are they on now? Brandon said the hordelings originally looked like spiders, which might suggest Scadrial? But Scadrial is a young planet...and post-dates the shattering. So that seems...unlikely? He RAFOed whether we've seen them on other planets yet, though if we did, they wouldn't be humanoid, so it would have to be some reference to a bug.  

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