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Regarding the title of The Stormlight Archive

Rosharan A.C.


So I was thinking the other day, does the title of The Stormlight Archive have any significance? Back when I first read the series I thought it was the name of a place that would be in the books at some point. I recently realized that its probably referring to the actual 10 books, an archive of stories about stormlight, and dismissed my earlier thought. But does it actually have any meaning in the story? Has it been mentioned, and I just forgot? (I'm in the middle of re-reading it now; my memory of everything was getting fuzzy) Or do you all think the "Stormlight Archive" will play a role later? After all, Brandon has the whole series laid out, so he could very well be saving it for the last few books.

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm completely bonkers, but I wanted to know what you all thought.

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Is "Stormlight Archive" reference to any in-world or in-Cosmere place or item?

Brandon Sanderson

No, it's just archive of ten books which all have titles based on inworld books, but no Archive or something like that on world.

Footnote: This WoB clarifies it
Warsaw signing (March 18, 2017)

Questioner 1

The drawers with the infused gemstones. Is that the Stormlight Archive?

Brandon Sanderson

No. That is not the Stormlight Archive.

Questioner 2

Is there a Stormlight Archive?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes. But... it means the books. The archive of books that are all named after in-world books. The Archive is a pun on archived collection of books.

Oathbringer Portland signing (Nov. 16, 2017)


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So from the source...no, it isn't anything.

But my hope is the following:
The end scene of the books is a collection of all Unmade captured, all stormlight gems have been infused, the Heralds (a new Oathpact has been made where interplanetary Cosmere-wide protection has begun to either take on Conquest or with Unity, make Adonalsium again) and the power source of these intergalactic adventures is the heart of Urithiru which has become a form of Dyson sphere.

If you don't know what a Dyson sphere is, it's basically a MASSIVE engineered series of super-powerful solar panels that surround a star, effectively using all energy released from the star (one of the largest energy sources readily available). A stormlight version of that would just be SO cool.

But it most likely won't be a thing. A man can dream.

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