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Herald and Fused Insanity


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After reading chapter 15 today, we learned that Vasher believes type 2 invested entities are a cognitive copy of the person's soul. It seems like the Fused and the Heralds are going insane due to Generation Loss, a cognitive copy is made from the copy, resulting in deterioration of the "soul" over time.  Every time that a Herald or Fused dies, rather than being transported to Braize, their cognitive shadow is copied, discarded / dies, and the copy is placed on Braize.  This would mean that the Fused, because they can come back immediately in every everstorm, would be experiencing an accelerated decline into insanity.

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Except that Vasher has his own opinion on the Fused.

“These enemies of yours though, I think they’re too strong for that. They’ve lasted thousands of years already, and seem Connected to Odium to feed directly on his power. You’ll have to find a way to disrupt their souls. You can’t just rip them apart; you need a weapon so strong, it unravels the soul.” He squinted, looking off into the distance. “I know through sorry experience those kinds of weapons are very dangerous to make, and never seem to work right.”

Sentient sword references aside, unlike your typical cognitive shadow, the Fused are directly Connected (notice the internal capital “C”) to Odium. This implies the Heralds were not directly tied to Honor.  The more I think about this, the more I wonder what both Honor and the Heralds were thinking. Granted, Honor’s Shard has no forward looking as a part of it, but the same could not be said of the Heralds who weren’t (most likely) even native Rosharans (as in born there and thus Invested there by birth), and had already seen terrible things from lack of foresight on Ashyn. Regardless, the Connection to a Shard makes these shadows unique among such beings. Moreover, they’re as crazy as the Heralds even though they have not been repeatedly copied recently. In the Heralds’ case, at least one thinks they have been getting crazier during a period of non-copying. It might be related to length of time of the Oathpact, not just generation loss at play, as that is the only factor that is notably different in this particular Desolation.

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