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Urithiru is a prison


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A fabrial like the humans created.

“They imprisoned some of the Unmade in these, Leshwi,” Raboniel said. “How close do you think they are to discovering they could do the same for us?

My first thought at this part was, "Wow that would be difficult to do in the middle of a battle with someone and that would take a lot of gemstones.".....just like like in the pillar at the heart of Urithiru, which happens to be a giant fabrial.

I'm wondering if Urithiru doesn't have some sort of "switch" that when thrown could seal multiple fused in the vicinity at the same time.

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Nice theory! I actually also got the impression while reading this chapter that Urithuru was a prison.... but for the Bondsmith bonded to the Sibling. We know that Bondsmith never left Urithuru and the pillars of the Nine.... it just felt too familiar....

But I would not at all be surprised if an activated Urithuru could do things to the Fused, much like it did to the Singers.




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