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The Sanderbase

Mark Lindberg

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Hi there! I'm Mark, and I collect Sanderson stuffs. Some friends and I have been putting together a database to list all the editions of all the Sanderson things, with a focus on collecting. We've finally finished up a good first pass over all the English editions. I'm slowly working through the rest of the world, having done Bosnia and Croatia, and working on Bulgaria at the moment. We have lots of plans to expand in the future, including taking input from y'all to get super comprehensive coverage, adding in number line info, building a website in front of the database with all kinds of info about collecting in general, adding values of rare books (we're tracking transactions as we see them), and adding in all the non-book swag. For the moment, it looks like this: http://sanderbase.com/
(And in case people want to help support us (Luke, myself, and Austin), we've set up a ko-fi for donations. Money will all go to maintaining the website (we just kinda own the url for now, but will have a website eventually), and buying more new editions to make the database as complete as possible. https://ko-fi.com/sanderbase )
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