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Social status of bonded spren? Along with syls political importance.


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what is the equivalent Alethi social status for bonded spren, now obviously they are their own category but what’s their closest equivalent. 

A good example would be syl.

So as of the start of rhythm of war kaladin is a high Marshall, leader of the wind runners and the founder/head of house stormblessed(best name ever). kaladin is presumably close in social standing to a weak high prince or really strong bright lord so sebarial or a amaram.
However currently his house presumably consists of nobody besides himself and therefore no heir. 
I think it’s probable that bonded spren are socially the equivalent of spouses or siblings, obviously they aren’t Spouses or siblings and I don’t support that ship but that seems to be the most comparable social position. In the latest rhythm of war chapter we see syl helping facilitate kaladin leading not just the soldiers but the honorspren too. This comparison is not the best for some of the spren bonds like Pattern and shallan but kaladin and syl have a much more mutually respectful, close and supportive relationship then all the spren bonds we have seen. 

which leads me to another question if syl is the social equivalent of kaladins wife or I suppose sister does that mean her title is technically brightness stormblessed, I believe we have seen people refer to syl as brightness before, and also that is just an awesome name.

butt the more important question for syl specifically, as we can see with sadeas and Ialai, she a high prince dies with no heir his wife retains her Power. So if syl is the Social equivalent of kaladins spouse or even sister, so far this is the only relevant case of this situation does that mean if kaladin dies with no heir house stormblessed reverts to her and potentially even whoever she bonded next would be the new head of the house if she chose?

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I would not think that the spren have any formal social status within human society. They certainly don't have any legal standing.

If Kaladin died, I imagine the holdings of House Stormblessed would go to Lirin. And his status as leader of the Windrunners- and therefore the rogue Honorspren- would most likely go to Teft.

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