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Honor, Cultivation and Odium and their influence over the humans and singers


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I have searched for this topic, but I haven't been able to find a discussion on it, so I'll start one. For me, it is obvious that the singers and their culture has been under the influence of Cultivation and Honor for a significant amount of time. And of course, we know that has been the case. Until the humans arrived on Roshar, those were their gods, and they had never been influenced by Odium. The Humans brought Odium with them to Roshar, and at one point in time, they swapped gods. Maybe because the singer warriors was frustrated and angry with the humans who stole more and more of their land, and did not behave honorably.

And then they became vulnerable to Odium and his unmade. At least the ones who became the Fused.

And the humans began worshipping Honor. And Cultivation, depending on the culture.

It is quite obvious that the humans still aren't very honorable culturewise. They cheat, lie and kill without reason as long as they are not seen doing it or as long as they can get away with it by pretending an honorable reason. They pretend to be honorable, but they are not.

The singers have a very honor based culture. They never muster more soldiers than their enemies do at any time. Dalinar wonders why several times. They expect the enemy to respect their surrender, until Sadeas just murders all captives. They fight one-on-one, never attacking the enemy from behind. They have a very high respect for their dead, and very high morals.

I have seen that many people think that the shard Honor only cares about oaths, but I don't see that this is the case. The traces of Honor in the singer culture is much broader than that. There might have been things happening to Honor before and after he was killed and splintered that made it seem that he only cared about oaths.

I am curious to see what kind of influence Cultivation has had on the singer culture. We do not know very much about her, only that she seems to have very complex and long term plans that work in the background for ages before we puny humans understand what she is on to.

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