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Shardblades and the Fused


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Guys, I think we're overlooking a major force that has joined with Odium, a force that has been around since before the recreance, and have been working behind the scenes to keep the radiants from returning. A group that supplied Heleran, Shallans brother, with plate and blade. What if the skybreakers have been collecting and hoarding them over the millennia, and in the future we will see a very strongly armored and ready to destroy force?

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If I am remembering correctly in RoW Rabonial (or maybe another Fused?) shows extreme disdain for a set of dead plate. Or am I making that up?

Also, it does seem odd that there haven’t been many appearances of singer used shards since they have a fair few. Here is a list off the top of my head:

(storm) Moash’s blade and plate

Graves’ blade and plate

Eshonai’s blade and plate

Elohkar’s (sp?) blade

Jezrien’s honourblade 

a blade or set of plate or both taken (can’t remember which) from a shard bearer at Urithiru during its invasion in RoW

All the Veden blades are assumedly now controlled by the enemy, as well as any belonging to other nations that’s have sided with Odium. They have probably also taken some more during their conquests but probably not many. if anyone can think of any others they have let me know and I will add them.

As far as I can recall we have only seen shards used by singers for menial tasks, Venli mentions getting a shardblade in to be used to cut rock, and we see a singer use one in an attempt to get past the shield at Urithiru, those are the only examples I can think of.

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