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Hey all, sorry I haven't been that active the last few weeks. I had my computer back at the apple store getting 'fixed.' Mostly, they were just diagnosing the problem, or putting off the problem, or ... I don't really know what they did, honestly, since it was out for a week and it still doesn't work. Bleh. Anyways, the two likely culprits are a logic board failure (really bad) or a hard drive failure (really bad) and until the problem is fixed I can't even turn my computer on.

If it is a hard drive failure, I won't be able to access most of my writing; I do back it up but I won't be able to access the files I use beause they're in a Scrivener format and I need scrivener to open them. If one of the older members (Asmodemon, akoebel or even the mods) still have all my documents on file, I'd really appreciate it if you could email them back to me.

My email's [email protected]


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Aaaaaand I'm back! It was 'just' the logic board after all, so bad but not computer-breaking. I've still got all my files, but thanks a lot for helping me out anyways.

Now that I'm back in business, I'll get around to critiquing everyone as soon as I can.

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Glad it worked out for you.

Just for general reference, if anyone ever has a massive hard drive failure or something, I don't think I've ever deleted an email from my RE account and I've been part of the group from day one. So should something similar happen to anyone else, I should be able to hook you up with anything you've submitted here.

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I also kept all my emails, but I've been here for a much smaller amount of time than Silk :-)

For my backup, I write directly my files to a DropBox share, so I have multiple physical copies of everything. I believe Mary-Robinette uses it as well.

I know some people have reported possible trouble while using Scrivener over DropBox, but as I'm only accessing the files from one location at a time, I had no problems here.

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