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Shadesmar Spheres are a local phenomenon

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So I've been thinking about the Cognitive realm and Shadesmar in general, and I think that the spheres might be native only to Shadesmar(Rosharan Cognitive space.)  


The cognitive realm is supposed to be something of a reflection of how people think about things, with the 'souls' of objects being represented by spheres, which makes sense for Roshar. However, if you travel to other areas in the cognitive realm the spheres no longer seem as relevant. 


So I'm proposing that the representation of Cognitive Realm objects is different for every planet, and the spheres are only in Shadesmar. The reason they are spheres is because of the relatability spheres have to every day life on Roshar, they are used for light, for money, for creating food, for decoration, I mean, these spheres have numerous places in every day life. That's why they are representing objects in the cognitive realm. 


Any ideas on what might represent objects on other planets?


I also have a side thought that this could explain why Sel's cognitive realm is hostile, but I can't come up with anything past that. Could the cognitive aspects of Sel somehow be more dangerous? We've already seen how an ocean of those beads are dangerous on Roshar, so something similar with their representations could be happening there.


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