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Tel Aviv signing, October 2019


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There will be another book signing at the Tzomet Sfarim store in Tel Aviv on Firday, 18 October. The event will start at 11:00.


Place: Diznegof Center Building B
Address: Diznegof Center - The Library
Dizengoff St 50
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone Number: +972 3-621-2400
Event Type: Signing

Watch this space for details.

Here is the Arcanum event page: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/397-tel-aviv-signing/


If anyone thinks they will be there and will be able to record, please get in touch with me. I myself will try to get there but I'm still unsure whether I'll be able to make it.

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so i recorded everything (it will be uploaded soon), and the signing was great! personally, i got to ask two questions:

first one was if Autunomy is a hive mind, or even an Aimian. to my surprise, my question did not get RAFO'ed. Brandon stated she's not an Aimian, and that a hivemind isn't the right term for her. 

the second one was about religions is Sel. we already know one can trace the religions in Sel to the shards themselves, Shu-Korath is devotion and Shu-Dereth is dominion. my question was if it's possible that when Odium visited sel to splinter Aona and Skai, it led to the founding of the Jeskeri Mysteries. Brandon RAFOed that.

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