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The level of technology and science on Roshar


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They got

  • Classical mechanics - the stuff Navani makes and the sewers she understands are very hard to explain unless she knows Newtonian mechanics
  • geography - they know Roshar is a sphere. They also have a lot of shipping. Heliocentric model? Laws of gravity?
  • Navani can draw water from the air - she understands state diagrams and probably gas laws
  • confirmed by knowing barometric height formulas (they determined the elevation of Urithiru that way)
  • ecology - Shallan understands prey/predator relations
  • optics - spy glasses

But they are weak

  • in applied chemistry - no explosives
  • chemistry and atomic theory - the ten essences just mess you up
  • geology - no natural examples
  • evolutionary biology - mixed up biota
  • thermodynamics - heating fabrials and too much magic, in particular, physics on Roshar is just not a closed system - get onto a spring, summon and banish your blade - perpetuum mobile

All in all, about the level of Europe in approximately 1650



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3 minutes ago, Winds Alight said:

Another weaknesses is medicine: most medical staff talks in terms of rotspren and seems to have never heard of germs and bacteria.

That's the common folk and apothecaries. Surgeons with a Karabranthian education seem to understand actual medical practices, even without apparent knowledge of bacteria.

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This quote was posted in another thread that I will link to:


From Braid_Tug

"Oh, this was from the first signing, so not recorded. We asked Brandon about gem cutting tech levels on Roshar. He hedged some. But did let us know that while it was still labor intensive, it was not as bad as Renaissance Europe. That yes, they do have an edge. But would not state what the edge was. Even with us making jokes about Shard scalpels to make the cuts."




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