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Clockwork appreciation


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Ok, but all I’m seeing is rithmatics this, rithmatics that. You all are missing something wonderful about this book: the clockwork! 

I know that it’s a fairly major part in the ending, but it’s also?? So aesthetic?? 

The crabs that clip the lawn, the idea of sleek metal and gears turning smoothly, the fact that even the trains are clockwork. 

This book is excellent for its magic, its characters, its illustrations, but also for the aesthetic.

To me, the world seems like sunshine and grass and chalk dust and cogs, the elegance of neatly drawn diagrams and the fluidity and motion in the messy ones. You can hear the scratching of chalk on concrete and wood, as well as an ever present ticking and clacking. You smell the chalk and fresh air, and feel the formal cut of a school uniform. 

There’s a feel that this book captures that I love, and here’s my best representation of it. 

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