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The Shard in Guardians of the Galaxy


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 Now maybe u ppl already know this    So I was watching a YouTube episode of  pitch meeting ( it's super funny , check it out ) and this time it was about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 . 

And I realized something,  the villain is called Ego and is basically a godlike being who resides on a planet he created and has like invested himself in .

Now is it only me or is he kinda similar to a shard ? 

This is just a fun thing I noticed is all. He's not near as powerful as a shard and has no intent , but still

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Never thought about it before, but there are similarities. "Ego" kind of works as an intent; he strives to increase his presence in the universe. The idea of him leaving pieces of himself on different planets is a lot like what Autonomy's probably doing.

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