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He's not a worldhopper as far as I'm aware. He's a tribute to Tolkien, according to Brandon.



Brandon, I just wanted to confirm that you did have a couple of cameos as Slowswift? Or was that mean to be someone else?


I'm pretty sure Slowswift is Hoid. The Ars Arcanum says he "bears a striking resemblance to a storyteller", which I take to mean Hoid.

Brandon Sanderson

Slowswift is an homage to Grandpa Tolkien. A study of his personality will reveal why that name was chosen for him.

Hoid appears in that same chapter, but Vin doesn't meet him. Something he does spooks her. She's just too darn observant for her own good.

Footnote: This is the first time Brandon mentions Hoid outside of the books themselves.
Hero of Ages Q&A - Time Waster's Guide (Oct. 15, 2008)


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