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Stepping into the Cosmere


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I've been a Writing Excuses fan for just over a year(listening to the archives and all) and I've been gradually picking up Brandon's books in various formats. (And his cohosts')

I'm halfway through Way of Kings and I found this board, so I'm going to post here and try to avoid spoilers for books that have been out for a while. That should be easy enough, right?

I do have a question:

Should I read through an entire trilogy or could I jump from SA to Mistborn (Book 1/Book 1, Book 2/Book 2, etc...)? Obviously you lot are more well-versed in the cosmere than I am, so I wanted your input on what comes next. I'll probably have Way of Kings finished early next week.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to getting to know the fanbase.

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Welcome! I'd definitely recommend that you read an entire series before switching. Otherwise it gets a bit difficult to keep track of Sanderson's tangled plot lines. Of course, if you're not enjoying SA and you want to read Mistborn instead, that's another story. (Literally, in fact.) It's all up to you, though.

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