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San Diego Mysteries Galaxy Bookstore (2018)


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So, I want to start this off by apologizing. I am fairly new to this site and never got around to announcing what happened.

It was just an ordinary signing, but one kid's question, to me, changed some theories that I have heard a lot of.

"Is it possible for two Shards to *cough* 'procreate' and create a new Shard?

Brandon: "Ummmm, thank you for keeping that PG for one. I think that I will have to RAFO that *audience gasp and 'ooh' because it was the first RAFO of the night* but until then, no. It is not possible for two Shards to, as you say, 'procreate', to create a new, baby Shard."

So there you have it, I thought this was an huge discovery because it may change what we know about the Child (see Oathbringer letter #2).

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Is it this question or is it a separate question?  




I know about Harmony but is it possible for like two Shards to procreate and make a brand new Shard?

Brandon Sanderson

That is a Read And Find Out. Assume I'm not hiding too much from you in that realm, but there will be some fiddly bits as we go further in the cosmere about stuff like that.

Skyward San Diego signing (Nov. 7, 2018)


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