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Mistborn 1 and 2 Spoilers


My first question was for Mistborn, as I was curious if a mega spike could be made of all metals so that you could get all powers with a single spike. This would allow Kelsier to have a single spike rather than multiple, and also reduce Harmony’s control on him.

Q: Is it possible to forge together hemalurgic spikes of every Invested metal (both Feruchemical and Allomantic) to create a spike for a single bind point, thereby simultaneously providing the powers of each original metal?


Elantris and Stormlight spoilers.


I was curious if Honorblades were spren that had their spiritual and cognitive selves shoved into the physical realm, which would explain how spren could imitate it. The answers still don’t tell us how honorblades were made, though this might be on the right track. He says not normally, so something special might be needed to actually do it. I got two separate answers for this question. My first copy of Elantris had to be returned and the second copy phrased the answer differently.

Q: If a spren’s spiritual and cognitive aspects were pushed into the physical realm, similar to how the spiritual aspects’ of Dominion and Devotion were pushed into the cognitive realm, would the spren manifest as an honorblade?

A1: Not usually.

A2: It could. (But probably not.)







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