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Alethi glyph translation

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I was working on a translation of the alethi "stance" glyph into a phonetic spelling for a project and wanted to make sure I did my homework right? Does this translation seem right to you guys? Tydthom was what I got, but alethi glyphs are annoyingly artistic, so I'm open to being wrong here.

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It's always hard to tell, with glyphs. I like your method though - clearly isolating each phoneme, and then trying to match them against Nazh's page using rotation.

  • I think the first one (your T) resembles an N more closely.
  • I am not super sold on the Y, but none of the other vowels match any better, and I think a vowel is very likely after either a T or an N.
  • D seems the most likely for the third one, though it could be a rotated B too, I think.
  • It's hard to argue with the TH, but I really don't like how awkward it makes the word sound...
  • The next one is weird. I don't think it's an O, I think Os are going to have 4 distinct strokes, and this one has at most 3. A rotated E could work. An I with an extra flourish could also work. I actually think the closest match is a P, but that really doesn't work if the previous two are consonants...
  • The M seems solid to me.

One thing you can do, actually, is post on Reddit (r/Stormlight_Archive probably) too, but also ping Isaac (u/izykstewart)/ Given that you are not outright saying "what does this say?" and are instead showing some work, he might offer some thoughts (assuming he is not busy, which he often is these days...).

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Thanks for the feedback, you've convinced me on a few points, especially the e. I think the key difference there is the number of strokes. I've made a new version of the translation with the new changes. The glyphs that I think are most similar are circled. I'll go ahead and toss it up on reddit too.


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