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The fused


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Just began wondering if perhaps the reason the fused don’t die and return to damnation rather go straight into next ever storm has less to do with the broken oathpact and more to do with honors death. After all if it was just because there was nobody left to hold them in place they would at least return there for a short spell before returning. The more I think on it the more I think it’s likely the whole arangenent between herelds and honor hinged upon honors powers. Stormfather Did mention something about the oathpact containing the fused the same way honor and cultivation contained odium.

anyhow if this right has had suggestion to try killing a hereof definitely won’t work.

also if just occurred to me is it possible talk never cracked at all but was still unable to hold them away since honors death(in which case the only reason the fused didn’t show up in roshar long ago is bec odium held them back as he waited for sonetuing)

just wondering

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The Oathpact is still in effect and is why it contained the Fused for a couple millenia beyond Honors death. 

The immediate return of the Fused without needing to return to Braize is a function of the Everstorm. It should function even if a Herald were to die and go to Braize, but as there are none there for the time being that lady bit is speculation. 

Honor's death did not end the Oathpact. The fact that the Oathpact provided a body for Taln is further evidence of that beyond his holding the Fused back. 

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45 minutes ago, Passion said:

What do u mean a body for Taln?

I mean that when Taln returns, a physical body is literally created for him. 



Can a Returned be made from Stormlight?

Brandon Sanderson

How would you count the Heralds?


I haven't read much, so I don't really know what you're talking about.

Brandon Sanderson

In the Stormlight books, there is a set of people who are constantly reborn, into full sized grown bodies that are being created for them. Would you count that as being Returned?

Or do you count Returned...What's your definition, right? You can create something that is Returned-like. But your definition of what is Returned and what is not, is going to be involved in that.

Legion Release Party (Sept. 19, 2018)

The Oathpact is doing what it was intended to do. 

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