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Can Mistborn Steelpush on Shardblade and Plate?


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Since there are Worldhoppers there must be at least one Mistborn or Coinshot/ Lurcher that have hopped to Roshar... I don't know what shardplate and blades are made of. But I wonder if an allomancer that can push or pull on metals could do so with shardplates or blades...


Atium is the god metal for Ruin and yet Mistborn can burn it regardless, and mistborn are of Preservation... could this be because Preservation and Ruin are perfect opposites... and then again, the metallic arts are there because of the presence of those specific shards...


If a mistborn hopped to Roshar, would the absence of Preservation and Ruin cause them to be powerless as far as allomancy goes... I think not because Scadrians are born with a small part of Preservation which wouldn't change if they went to a different world... Therefore I propose that if Ruin and Preservation's powers can be affected by one another, then Allomancy should work on Roshar.


And that means that a Mistborn would be able to push on a shardblade. Any thoughts? 

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Basically, a rule of thumb in the Cosmere is that, as the Investiture (power) in an object grows larger, it becomes harder to affect. This means that you couldn't Push or Pull Blade or Plate without ridiculous amounts of power behind it, as those are very strongly Invested.

Hoid is confirmed to use Allomancy on Roshar, and you can use Soulcast metal to do Allomancy. You can definetly use Allomancy Cosmere-wide, with the right materials.

So, basically, yes you could push on a Shardblade. However, it would have a lot of interference. The reason it's hard to push metal that pierces skin is that the human's Innate Investiture resists the Push or Pull.

Shardblades...have considerably more Investiture to them than a standard human.

So, they would be that much harder.

There are relevant WoB on all these things, but they make sense logically, so I won't link them. Search Shardblade on Theoryland if you want the original quotations.

OK, you got me, I just hate citing things.


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Here you go:


Q:  Will Allomancy affect Shardblades?
A:  It cannot affect Shardblades.  Well, cannot is a strong term.  Things with innate Investiture are much more difficult to affect by any of the magics at all.  Which is why it's very hard for Szeth to bind people or lash people whering Shardplate to the ceiling.  In the same way Allomancy wouldn't be able to push on it without some help.  Duralumin with a strong Push would probably do it.
Q:  I was just wondering if it was actually metal.
A:  It is metalish--it's metal enough for Allomancy to work on it.



I think Weiry has the full transcript of this part.  He went over a relative scale of "difficulty in trying to Push on" things.

Q:  [Paraphrased]How difficult would it be to Push on various things.
A:  [Paraphrased]It depends on the amount of Investiture in the person/object.  Nightblood would be the hardest thing to Push on, harder than Shardblades.


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