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Thank goodness there are so many!

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Hello, everyone! I just recently finished The Stormlight Archive, and I’m on to the Mistborn Trilogy. I love discussing lore and meanings behind things in the books I read, so I was thrilled to find this forum!

I typically find an author that I like and then read a lot of their work (my last author was Stephen King), so I’m psyched to see that there are so many Brandon Sanderson books to choose from. I actually read Way of Kings and Words of Radiance for the first time a few years ago, but when I recently rediscovered the series by hearing that Oathbringer was out, I obviously had to reread the first two as well. I must say, rereading those books was almost more fun because I got to see all of the foreshadowing that I had previously missed.

So anyway, I look forward to contributing to discussing and theorizing with all of you about these books! Any recommendations about what to read after Mistborn would be greatly appreciated!

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