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Missing Fused Surge and pet theories


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My pet theory is that the missing surge is cohesion. There's nothint to prove this, but here is what makes me think cohesion is a likely candidate. Not facts, just my wild takes on the plot:

The level of the Unmade seems to be liked to their name, with the weaker/less aware unmade being the ones with more parts in their names, maybe signifying the adquired more to themselves. The sum of the parts is 3+5*2+1*3=16, which is a very important number in the cosmere. For this to work we have to assume that Chemoarish is acktually Chemo-Arish and that the three big mindless unmade are just three.

Ba-Ado-Mishomething is the one with the most power and the leader of sorts of the group. The most common power of the fused is gravitation, which is a key surge of both Jezrien and Nale. My take on this is that a herald breaking both makes Unmade stronger and allows the fused to access a surge of their order. Thus Jezrien broke three times, empowering Ba-Ado- to that extent and allowing so many unmade to use gravitation. The obvious hole in this is that gravitation is probably closer to the skybreakers than windrunners, since Kaladin got adhesion first. Then again so did Dalinar, so I'm not sure.

We know that Taln never broke before and still arent sure whether he has betrayed the pact or not. This is what leads me to think that the fused don't have access to his key surge of cohesion. The same problem as before applies here in that Bondsmith and Windrunner primary surges are somewhat weird.

Another possible thing I thought regarding the Unmade was that each time a different Herald broke they added something to an Unmade formed from another Herald, thus creating power mixtures and making it hard to link heralds and unmade directly.

The way I've been seeing this in my mind is:

Ba-Ado-: Jez, Ishar and Nale

Sja-Anat: Elsecaller H, Other H

Dai-Gonarthis: No idea

Yelig-Nar: Ishar-Truthwatcher H

Re-Shephnir: Shallash, Elsecaller H

Chemo-Arish: No idea

Nergaoul: Jez

Moelach: Truthwatcher

Ashertmarn: Ishar

If we assume some of this are true I could model the unknowns, but there are so many wild assumptions here that I dont think its necessary.

Another theory of mine is that Taln never broke and the everstorm is due to odium investing himself more into Roshar, which is allowing the fused to bypass the oathpact prison.

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The problem with the hyphen theory is that the number of times Heralds broke isn't significant. That is, I asked Brandon how many Desolations there were, and he didn't know the number, which means that it's not a significant number (in this case it would even be 16).



How many times did a Herald break and let the Fused return to Roshar?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Oh, so how many Desolations were there, total?


Between the Oathpact and Aharietiam?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Not as many as people say there are.


More than fifty, less than fifty?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

I would guess offhand more than fifteen, but not much more. That's the sort of thing I just have to look at the timeline on. You're catching me flat-footed on that one. I would have to go look. Not as many as they think, but more than fifteen.


More than fifteen? Okay, because I actually asked more than fifty.

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Oh you asked more than fifty. More than fifteen, less than fifty.

Legion Release Party (Sept. 19, 2018)


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