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Mercy Zephyr

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I'm a new author. I just posted my first piece under this pen name, and at the same time lost my day job, so now I get to figure out how to get my output up to pro levels quickly so we can stop being afraid of how to pay the bills. I'm a Native ace transgender woman (she/her), a wife to a great guy who transitioned at the same time I did, and a grandmother. I live in a fairly rural and inaccessible area, which limits my ability to travel around and rub elbows with editors and other authors. 

I currently write transgender romance/whatever at various heat levels. The first one was medium heat, since the squishy wiggly bits needed to do dramatic work. The one I am drafting right now falls into 'Clean and Wholesome' because it makes no sense to include the slippery bits in context of the frame narrative of 'reminiscing to another character' --- and to my amusement, it might bleed a little bit into Inspirational once it gets out of my hands, which might cause a bit of amusing metaphorical swapping of paint.

My family wants me to write Historical Fantasy using the prehistory of the tribe, including the monsters, as a setting. I worry about how marketable that would be - I might be able to get a grant to write it, but I don't know how to sell the finished product and I don't know how I would build a large piece yet. Nor do I feel like I understand Fantasy, since so often it seems like set dressing.

Given all that, I am still trying to figure out what to read next, given my background and goals. My well is a bit dry this week.

I realize this is an unusually detailed intro, but I don't know how best to ask about some of this in a way that makes sense. My intro has several promises in it that need to be answered/fulfilled. Hopefully I can actually pull those off.

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Welcome to the forums!

There are a few writing communities here that you may enjoy joining if that's your thing.

Otherwise/either way, feel free just to hop around and read through other stuff people have written about writing already in threads. Maybe it'll help.

Congratulations on posting a piece!

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Hey @Mercy Zephyr

If you head over to the Reading Excuses forum you'll find a critique group that can help do reads of your stuff. If you're looking to publish small press (so no agent) I can suggest some small presses that are decent and queer owned. A lot of us over at RE are either agented/published or working towards those goals, so it might be a good place to get feedback and meet some people!

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It's mostly because I am trying to find out more about writing. I've been trying to read more good stuff, because if I am going to be aiming to write well, I need to aim high. Sanderson's work comes highly recommended.

"Varied"? How so? 

Agent and publisher would be nice; I don't know how realistic of a goal that is for me so far, given the various bits in my background that are apparently "Varied". :D It's hard to find agents and publishers to pitch to from here that aren't doing alaskana, which isn't the biggest of markets imo.

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