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Hi friends! I first discovered Sanderson just over a year ago. I decided to read The Way of Kings in December last year, and straight away I was hooked. Since then I've read all the Stormlight books, all Mistborn, Arcanum Unbounded, all of the Reckoners, the three Legion stories, and now I'm about a quarter through Skyward. It's been a big year!

I live in Australia and do a lot of driving, so the audiobooks have definitely got me through some long stretches on the road. 


Looking forward to chatting to you all! 

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That's a tough question, since there's a lot of them and they're all great! But I think Words of Radiance and The Hero of Ages are my favourite books so far. Bands of Mourning is up there, too. I also loved The Emperor's Soul short story in Arcanum Unbounded. Such an interesting magic system in such a short story! 

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Welcome to the Fourms!

If you are an Audiobook fan I strongly recommend the Graphic Audio versions of them, the full cast, score, and sound effects are an amazing experience.

Have you read Elantris or Warbreaker yet?  Elantris is on the same world as Emperor's Soul, and Warbreaker gives a lot of backstory on Nightblood, and also has one my favorite Cosmere magic systems.


Who would you say is your favorite character (or top 3 if it's too hard to pick)?


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