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Can you store attributes you gain from allomancy


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So if you burn say pewter and then store fisicle speed fisicle strength healing and heat. Would you fill the mettle mind with the increased allomantic abilities and if you did would it fill to the allomantic potency at a normal rate or would it fill at a fast rate with normal potency.

And if you could fill it with say the increased potency at a normal rate could you burn metals and walk around as normal wile filling mettle minds. 

Again if you could fill the metel minds at a normal rate of speed with an increased potency could you then burn that mettle mind and fill another with even more increased potency.

These are all examples for a full twinborn aka a full feruchemist and full mistborn.

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As a Fullborn you can store a small amount of a Feruchemical trait and then burn the metalmind that you stored it in to tap that trait at a much higher value. To use an example from the books, Miles was able to store health in a gold metalmind and then burn it to gain a much larger amount of health that he then stored in a different metalmind. The idea is that the metal being burned adds its power to what ever Feruchemical aspect was stored in it. This creates a sort of infinity loop of storing and burning that would allow you to never run out.

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There are two separate things:

1) Via the Compounding Hack you can burn a filled metalmind and get a burst of the Feruchemical trait fueled by the Allomantic burn of the metal, wildly increasing the available stored Trait, but this is a "hack" of the two systems and you need to have access to both the Feruchemical and Allomantic version of the same metal.  This is what Miles did, though it doesnt necessarily have use in every metals case.

2) Separately, you can store certain abnormal things in metalminds in certain circumstances.  For example, you can store all kinds of senses in Tin metalminds, even the Life Sense from Breaths or allomantic Bronze.  I would imagine burning Pewter while storing some of the others like heat or health or nutrition would likely mitigate the downsides of storing.  Would probably work with double Pewter but at that point the full compounding Hack would be more efficient in most if not all ways.


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Yes, you can. 

The strength stored from pewter can be stored in pewter, but as the wob says, at that point, just compound. 


Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

Allomantic pewter strength can be stored in a metalmind, but it's probably easier to just Compound.


But if you were a a-pewter/f-gold Twinborn, storing your increased healing abilities would probably be significant. 

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3 hours ago, Ain'tNoOneWhatKnowTheCow said:

I know a bout the compounding but im talking about storing your allomantic abilities and the compounding even further

You can store the raw allomantic abilities in nicrosil, and you can store their effects in several different metals depending on what ability they have. Pewter can be stored in pewter, gold, bronze, and tin. Tin can be stored in tin. Gold can be stored in Chromium. It should be noted it that for Pewter you can only store the strength it gives you in pewter, and the sense of balance in tin, and the extra healing in gold, etc

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