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The Sentinels, Reimagined


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The Sentinels are a military group dedicated to maintaining order in the Alleyverse. However, recent events have led me to the conclusion that reform is necessary. Originally, it was a military-only group, but now, we are expanding it. Where a sole tower once stood, a vast keep now sits. Where empty space in the Cognitive Realm used to be, a city and base of operations now occupies the space. The military philosophy is now important, but not the only thing that factors into the guild. I also am going to be working with my characters quite a bit in preparation for Era 3, but for now, if you have any questions, ask me on this thread.

My Sentinel characters(only Kane, Zaren, and Orren are considered primary characters)


Zaren, son of Kane, Mistborn, second-in-command of the guild. 

Davad Orren, Elsecaller, Elite Sentinel, recruiter.

Tikor Vedev, scout, spy, Awakener.

Cayza, a young woman who is Zaren's love interest, a Sentinel with no Investiture.

Sudo Kion, Lai MikRu, and Omin, three Selish men that specialize in the arts ChayShan, Forgery, and AonDor respectively.

I'm going to be hopping around threads, developing Zaren and Orren, though not Kane because he is currently preoccupied.

Warning: There will be explosions.

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On 12/9/2018 at 2:23 AM, Ookla said:

Warning: There will be explosions.


Hi, Gancho here.

I'm worried about the level of violence you are displaying with his sentence. I am worried that, perhaps, explosions are not the best thing for the Alleyverse.

If this activity continues, I will begin a peaceful campaign to have this warning removed and, thus, the threat of explosions extinguished.

Also, I worry that the perspective of this guild is too violence-oriented. If everyone ran a bakery, this world would be all the greater.

Please, next time you create a guild thread, keep the children in mind.

Thank you for your time.


Warning: Failure to follow my warnings will result in explosions. :) *

*Yes, that emoji is for this entire post. 



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Posting this here too so fewer people miss it. 


Kane landed on the battlements of Stormward Keep, Arrow swooping down alongside him. The Alleystorm was raging about them. Over the deafening wind, he called a sentry over to him. The sentry wore a red coat like many of the Sentinels, which contrasted with Kane's blue one. 

"Welcome back, sir!" the sentry said, saluting. Kane nodded.

"Do you happen to know where the Regents are?" Kane asked.

"Yes, sir. They convened some ten minutes ago in the highest tower of Coatra."

"Thank you, soldier." Kane said. He descended into the courtyard of the keep, briskly walking to the Transporter's room, which was accessible with a keycard. Once inside, there was a button that allowed silimatic energy to flow into the room and swap the room and its occupants with an identical one in Coatra City. 

Kane strode to the door and slid his card into the slot. The door opened and Kane walked into the room. He stepped up to the control panel and activated the room. Bright lights glowed at the corners of the room, and then dimmed. Kane turned and opened the door. He stepped out into the military headquarters in Coatra. Kane stepped over to the stairs and climbed them up to the top floor. He exited and walked to the tallest tower. He entered, followed the stairs, and entered the council room where the Regents sat around a table, debating.

"When my father finishes his duel," said Zaren, "I-- oh, Father, you're here." Kane smiled and sat down in the chair at the head of the table.

"So what's the debate?" he said, looking at the Regents. Zaren, Orren, Cayza, Sudo, Tikor, Mik, and Omin.

Cautiously, Tikor started.

"General, we were discussing who gets command of the Sentinels when you are absent." 

"Why, Zaren, of course!"

"But why, sir?" asked Orren. "Because he's your son?"

"That's part of it, but also because you all have strengths, and leadership is Zaren's strong suit. Tikor is stealthy and smart, Sudo is wise, Cayza is good at improvising. You all know this." Kane said. Tikor looked at Cayza uncomfortably.

"General, there has been some... dissent. in your absence." Orren said.

"By who?" Kane replied.

"You know of Dusk and Walker?"


"They got us into a major war. We lost massive portions of our army, and the enemy wasn't even defeated." 

"Who was the enemy?"


Kane started. 

"And also, a pair of troublemakers took over our outpost in the Newcago Court."

"And they were?"

"Ahmose and Vita Steelblood."

Again, Kane started. Hellbent had returned? The Steelbloods were attacking?

Kane stood.

"Tell me everything that has happened since my absence, in chronological order."


Kane slumped in his seat. He had missed so much.

A messenger boy entered, holding a letter bearing the T.U.B.A. seal on it. Kane opened it. On it was an [REDACTED] from [REDACTED] to join the T.U.B.A. [REDACTED]. 

Kane pocketed the letter, to save it for later.

He turned to the Regents.

"You are all dismissed, aside from Zaren and Orren. Tikor, please begin scouting the Steelblood operation, see if you can regain our outpost."

Everyone except for Zaren and Orren left. Tikor saluted and dashed out.

"Orren, where are Regents Declan and Pratt?" Kane asked. Orren frowned. 

"General, they were killed in war, along with the rest of the Elites." Orren said, his voice cracking slightly.

Kane stared the Natanan man in the eyes. 

"I'm sorry. Please, take some time to recover."

Orren nodded and left.

Kane turned to Zaren.

"You got your wound from the war, I assume?" Kane said, gesturing to the bandages."

Zaren nodded. "Father, a Sentinel did this to me. He went rogue."

Kane's brow furrowed. "Did you now this Sentinel?"

"I thought I did..."

"Was he behaving strangely?"

"Yes, almost as if... he were possessed."

Kane nodded slightly. "That was, according to my sources, Jonas, a dockworker-turned-DA. Did you kill him?"

Zaren nodded.

"Very well."

Kane turned to go. 

"Wait!" said Zaren.

Kane turned. "Yes?"

"Father, why do you run the Sentinels the way you do?" 

Kane froze. He contemplated the question for a moment, two moments, a minute, two minutes. Finally, Kane bowed his head and seemed to back away.

"I don't know." he said quietly.

"I know you better than that."

Kane backed away further. "Yes, you do, son."

"Tell me."

"I can't."

"Why not?" Zaren asked.

"For reasons I cannot divulge." 

"Father, I'm second-in-command of the Sentinels. If you can't trust me with Sentinel secrets, you can't trust anyone."

Kane sighed and sat in his chair.

"Here we go."

Zaren sat up eagerly.

"The reason I run the Sentinels the way I do is not to maintain order like one might assume. I do it to protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Zaren nodded. "Go on."

"Unfortunately, my way has issues. People disagree. And so, I make them agree, or try to."


"I have been working for sixteen years to form an order of primarily Windrunners."

"And how has that worked out for you?"

"It has not. Everyone who I attempt to make a Windrunner must not have Investiture before. And yet everyone fails on one of the first three Oaths. Sam Oaks of the Hushlands couldn't put strength before weakness. Pau'akal of the Horneaters couldn't protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Remember Areseon of Teod? She couldn't protect those she hated."

Kane sighed.

"Almost everyone has failed and killed their spren." he said.

"Except for..." he said.

"You?" Zaren said.

"No. I cannot achieve the Fourth Ideal as a nature of my, ahem, condition."

"Then who has reached it?" Zaren asked.

Kane exhaled a deep breath. "Her name was Mercy."


Orren's friends were gone. He could still remember every detail about their recruitment to the Sentinels.


It was Day 6 of the Seven Day War. Hundreds of abominations had been unleashed upon the city. Kolossals, Sentries, Coppercrows, and Seekradors were the main attackers against this small Natanani pocket. Orren, then called by his first name, Davad, wielded a sword and fought. The other men who had taken up arms were Natanani or Alethi, but several refugees of many nationalities had joined them, and united, they stood. Davad swung in an upward arc and jumped, beheading a Kolossal on a fluke. He stabbed Seekradors, slashed at Coppercrows, struck Sentries, and slammed Kolossals. He was trained in dueling, but at his heart he was a scholar. 

Davad tripped over a dead Coppercrow, and a Kolossal Commander took advantage, charging forth. Davad panicked. he couldn't fight this! he fumbled his sword and tried to run. But he was too slow. The monster slammed him and raised its blade. It brought the blade down. Davad squeezed his eyes shut. But instead of his demise, a loud CRACK! of metal meeting stone reverberated. Davad opened his eyes.

An almost superhuman figure, adorned in a majestic blue coat, stood face to face with the beast, a ruby sword in hand. The man let out a yell, and drew a pistol from his coat and shot the Kolossal. The thing screamed in rage and raised its sword, slamming it down. The regal figure met the blow and shoved the terror back, then stabbed it in the face. It collapsed. The man turned and held out an amulet of some sort.

"Wear this." he said.

Davad took it and put it on. 

"Listen." the man said. "Make sure this sphere is infused. As long as it is, you'll survive. Understood?"

Davad bobbed his head.

"Good." Then, the man shot away, into the air.

So Davad fought. The amulet, he found, granted him the powers of an Elsecaller, including healing through Stormlight. By the time the war had passed, most of the village was alive.

"The Black Crusade is going to nuke the city!" the man from before shouted. "Gather everyone!"

Ten minutes later everyone was gathered in a circle around the man and another, shorter man.

The first turned and asked the second: "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Kane."

Kane nodded. "Harmony bless you."

The second man disappeared in a flash of light, and everyone else stood near a tower.

Kane smiled sadly. "You're all safe. If only it didn't need to come at such a price."

Later, Kane extended the offer for each man who fought to join the Sentinels. Each one accepted. 

The amulet had caused Davad to draw attention from an inkspren, and he later became an Elsecaller, with most of the other men following in his footsteps as squires.

But the others, Orren's best friends, had always called him Davad. 

To honor them, he would now go by Davad.


"So, where is this Mercy now?" Zaren asked.

"Gone." Kane replied, softly.


Mercy Lashed herself away from the Shade and summoned Tayara, or Tay, her sprenblade. She summoned it as an axe and cut at the Shade, sliding a silver cover on the axe as she swung. She killed it, then dashed back to her safe zone. She panted. Kane could always do it better.

Forget Kane. I have work to do.


The Silent Seeker quickly slipped into the outpost, stabbing the guards as he went by. He entered, and sat down in the chair by the hearth.

Keep taking over outposts tomorrow. Ahmose's voice whispered. 

After all, the Silent Seeker was no more than Lord Cobalt in a new guise.



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