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Quickly tell me: What eye color has Elhokar?


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According to the Coppermind wiki Elhokars eyes are light yellow as described in WoK. But they were changed later on to green in order to resemble Gavilar's eyes. There is also a Word of Peter (?) that explains the change: 


Peter Ahlstrom

Elhokar's eyes were described as two different colors in different places in the first book. It also said that he looked very much like his father. So we decided to change his eye color to match Gavilar's. We need to update the first book.



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7 hours ago, Scion of the Mists said:

The Coppermind is great for questions like these: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Elhokar_Kholin

In general, I would agree. But in this special case, I don't understand why the Coppermind describes Elhokar's eyes as light yellow. You have to read the footnote to find out about the change and green seems to be canon by now.

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