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Avid Reader, some cosplay


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Just joining the community. I've been reading Sanderson for a little over a year now and through most of the main series.

For Halloween this year, I made a Mistborn costume which turned out well and three people even recognized me! I hope to share some of creating it so it's easier for others.

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Hehe... sewing. I found a premade cloak from a costume store, then bought some darker gray fabric (cotton I think) from a fabric store and used Stitch Witchery (iron-on fake sewing) to attach it all. Then, just had to cut it up! The premade cloak fabric is incredibly cheap and started fraying nearly immediately, so it's developing a worn look rather quickly.

The cloak worked well enough for a 5k run, but was entirely impractical for ultimate frisbee. It's too long and I kept tripping over it.

Check the cosplay gallery, I just upload an album there.



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