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Reporting New WoBs


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Do I just post the WoB and audio on Arcanum when the signing is posted, or do I need to go through somebody who'll collect the WoBs and then group them in the proper signing?  I honestly have no idea how the process works at all.  Just tell me what to do, preferably in step-by-step baby bites, because if there's a way to mess up the process, I will find a way to do it.  Thanks ya'll.

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Hey, I was just listening to the latest ShardCast, which was great by the way, and you guys mentioned a fragment of a WoB about Felt from the Seattle Skyward signing, namely this one:


Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Felt's allegiance has changed at various times during... yeah, we'll just say that. His allegiance has changed over the years. There are times he's been a rogue agent.


This was a clarification of the answer he gave me in one of my signed books, here's a photo of the question and the answer:


I tried to edit the WoB and add the source photo on Arcanum but couldn't figure out how to do  it (since the entry has audio and a photo).

Here's the question and answer transcribed:

Hoiditthroughthegrapevine: Is Felt an agent of Harmony? If not, is he a member of a secret society we have seen?

Brandon Sanderson: Felt is different in his allegiance depending on the part of his life.

(Then the fragment of the WoB that you already have transcribed).

If it's helpful for me to do this, I can add this picture as a source to Seattle Skyward event on Arcanum.


I also got another personalized book WoB, it was just a RAFO. Do you guys want personalized book WoBs that are just RAFOs too?
With a written RAFO there aren't really contextual clues to scrutinize, though now that I think about it this one does have exclamation mark (which implies it's an emphatic RAFO, so maybe a good one to avoid asking in the near future)

Here's the personalized book RAFO (just in case you want it, and I can also add this as a source to the Seattle event on Arcanum if you'd like).



You guys do amazing work, I am continually impressed by Arcanum, the Coppermind and the 17thShard. Thanks a bunch for all that you do!

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Yeah, you can upload the photo to the event and edit in the text - an Arcanist will take care of linking everything up.

We do include RAFOs, so you can add that, too. If it was from the same event, you can upload it there, too. If it was ordered from the website, you can upload it to the General Signed Books 2018 event.

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