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My mother is not a hamster, thank you very much. She prefers the term Mesocricetus auratus, thank you very much.

Aaaaanyways. I'm Kerry, and I'm the go-to gal for anything and everything involving the Coppermind Wiki and the Mistborn RP (except Hemalurgy. Talk to Eric about Hemalurgy). It's great to have you on the site, and I hope to see you around quite often!

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I guess I should do one of these introduction things. I'm Nehex. I like Brandon Sanderson. Your mother is a hampster.

My mother may be a hamster, but your father smells of elderberries!!

I am hearby recruiting you as the purchaser of cheesecake. Your job will be to purchase the Almighty Dessert and bring it promptly to me for distribution.

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