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Questions about signings


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Hi all! I posted some questions in a specific thread for the Skyward Utah signing, but haven’t gotten any responses, so I thought maybe I could get some help by posting in a more general area! Thanks in advance. :)

I’m excited to attend the signing this Tuesday in Orem! I’m fairly new to this fandom, and have some anxiety about asking questions at the signing. I went to a signing 3 or 4 years ago in Nebraska, but all I did was gush about how much I love Mistborn. I know, so original. Anyway, hoping some of you could help me out on understanding good behavior at this event, because I don’t want to do anything improper!

From the “signing etiquette and guidelines” thread it seems there is usually a Q&A near the beginning of the event, is that supposed to be Skyward related? This is a non-Cosmere book signing, is it still ok to ask Cosmere related questions?

From what I can tell, during the signing people often ask a question(s?) while he is signing your book(s), is that correct? Does anyone have advice or guidelines as to what these questions can be about/should be about? Also, what do you do? Just hand him the book and fire a question at him? Feels rude.. so probably thank him for being an amazing writer and so good to his fans first? Basically, I just want to understand the nitty gritty details of what happens at a signing!

Does anyone have advice on how to develop good questions? All the questions I’ve been thinking about I’ve been able to find WoBs on Arcanum - this is probably partially due to being such a newb! I just don’t want to “waste” a question!

Anyone have any other advice? I’ll probably be attending alone, and I like to know as much as possible before doing things alone to avoid any potential embarrassment! Seriously contemplating just attending the beginning and not getting anything signed so as to avoid standing in line by myself! 

Any advice is awesome and much appreciated! 

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