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Honorblades and Surges


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Hi guys, I just finished WoR last night and thought it was great :) What intrigued me was how a Herald's honorblade enables a person to be able to use the same surges of that order. So what if a Radiant has access to an honorblade that is not from his/her order would that enable the Radiant to have additional surges? and not only would the Radiant have 3-4 surges but he would have two blades as well.

So idk if anyone else has come up with this connection/theory or not and if they have i apologize for not doing a better search. So what are your guy's thoughts on this. Do you think this is what Brandon has in mind down the road?

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Yes, they would.



Q:  If a non Windrunner picked up Jezrien's honorblade would they gain Windrunner powers as well?
A:  Yes
Q:  If a Windrunner picked up that blade, would their abilities be enhanced?
A:  There would be some compounding but strength is not as much an issue with surgebinding as is the strength of the spren bond and how much Stormlight you are using.



Q:  For the Honorblades, if somebody that was already a Radiant used an Honorblade, would they get that Surge also?

A:  It is possible to get multiples, yes. Good question.



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