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Divine Breath

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I have some Questions regarding Divine Breath.

  1. When a Returned heals someone, does that person get the Divine Breath? Or does it Dissipate after healing them.
  2. If a person gets to keep the Divine breath, could they awaken with it?
  3. If they Awaken it, will it dissipate after a week?
  4. If they Awaken with it, can they Draw it back? 
  5. What would happen if a Returned used the one-breath Command and his Breath to Awaken a Lifeless?
  6. Is there a Limited number of Divine breaths that Endownenment can use at a Time.
  7. If a Returned with 2000 normal breaths (5th Heightening) awakened with a Divine breath, would the Other 200 breaths keep him alive?

And one more Question that's not about Divine Breath.


Could the God King awaken Multiple things with One command?

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The divine breath is used up by a healing.


Brandon has said you can awaken with a divine breath. He hasn't commented on their lifespan, or their exact properties.


Endowment likely has a limit to the number of Returned, but it's high as they are very powerful.


Brandon hasn't explained what happens if you awaken with a divine breath.

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1. Dissipate

2. Yes, by WoB

3. Unknown, but probably not. Consuming breaths is a property of the Returned, not the Divine Breath.

4. Yes

5. Unknown, but the Returned would probably die.

6. Probably, but it should be very high. Divine Breath are splinters, and other splinters (like spren) seem to be able to exist in very large quantities. Splinters are just masses of investiture, and in some ways shards are just masses of investiture. The scale is completely different - people are like sparks, splinters are like bonfires, a shard is more like a sun.

7. Yes. It is likely (but not confirmed) that just one breath would be sufficient as long as their Divine Breath remained intact and keyed to the Returned.


Bonus Question: Yes. He does so in the last scene.

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