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Colors Theory (spoilers)


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I know this will sound like a rather vague theory, but does anyone else feel like there is something more going on regarding colors in this world? First we see how two different knights radiants in Dalinar's vision have two different colored shardplates (blue and amber), with their eye colors match it. In addition the glyphs associated with each order seem to be colored. Then I noticed how Dalinar refers to wines by their color. We aren't talking about names like merlot, or pinot noir. They are simply called blue, orange, violet, etc. Various characters seen as lighteyes have analogous eye colors (blue, orange, violet, and i could have sworn I read one that was clear). Then at the end of the second book, since Kaladin is a windrunner, his eyes change to a very light blue color. So I assume the reason why the Alethi make lighteyes higher station is because they are the decendants of the radiants, or associated the light eyed color with the radiants and built that tenant in to their society. that in and of itself I doubt is a new theory, but when I read about the wine as well as the eye colors in particular, I don't know, I feel something more might be going on there. 

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The Radiants are associated with certain colors, and people's eyecolor can indeed change to the color for the Order they are in.  The wine colors are a cultural thing.


Q:  Will a Surgebinder's eye color change when they Surgebind or have a Blade. Is the color of their eyes corresponding to their Order? So Windrunners would do blue.
A:  Yes.
Q:  So each Order does a different eye color?
A:  Each Order does indeed have an eye color representation.


Q:  You very clearly make rules for the wine in this world, like the different colors and different alcohol content.  I was wondering what the inspiration for that is, and also what some of them are actually made from, because it doesn't seem like grapes.
A:  It's not grapes, it's a local fruit.  So we would not probably call it wine, we would probably call it something else.  And it's based on my desire to do funky things with world building in every way I can. [The color is a cultural thing.]

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