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I Can't find a General Thread about Compounding, But basiccly, When you store something in a Metal, (Age in Atium) and then Burn it, the metal release 10x the amount of stuff stored. (Store one year of age, making you Older, Burn the Atium, makes you 10 years younger) While it's being Given off, you can store that Excess Atribbutes. This is how TLR achieved Immortality.

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If you are interested in the mechanics, they were explained in the MB1 epilogue. It broke my willing suspension of disbelief, actually, that scene, as Sazed, who had just discovered TLR was a full Metalborn, invents compounding, finds an explanation as to how it works, and figures out that you will get ten times as much juice, without ever encountering compounding, and all of these fantasies of his were discovered to be true, even the "you get ten times the attribute", which was a wild guess.



But, to sum up what he said about the mechanics, ig goes like this:


Allomancers draw upon Presevation ("the power of the metal") to fuel Allomancy. Keepers draw on their own body to fuel Feruchemy. Now, what if you could burn an attribute instead of a metal? That way you would get your attribute fuelled by Preservation, who has way too much power, and therefore could draw on more of the attribute than you have given because you are taking the power from it and not yourself. That is what burning a charged metal does. Kolo?

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Where could I read a good explanation about how does compounding work?



Here's how Brandon's explained it:


Open The Fridge
My question is if there’s anything that you’ve never been asked that you would like to talk about?
Brandon Sanderson

Oooooh, ok. Hm. That one is so hard! Every time people ask me something like this... What have I never been asked that people should be asking, is basically what the question is? Something that the fans have just missed... They pick up on so much, that it’s hard... I do wonder if, you know… all the magic systems [in my books] are connected and work on some basic fundamental principles, and a lot of people haven’t been asking questions about this. One thing I did get a question on today, and I’ll just talk about this one... they didn’t ask the right question, but I nudged them the right way, is understanding that tie between Aondor [the magic system from Elantris] and allomancy [Mistborn’s magic system].

People ask about getting the power from metals and things, but that’s not actually how it works. The power’s not coming from metal. I talked a little about this before, but you are drawing power from some source, and the metal is actually just a gateway. It’s actually the molecular structure of the metal… what’s going on there, the pattern, the resonance of that metal works in the same way as an Aon does in Elantris. It filters the power. So it is just a sign of “this is what power this energy is going to be shaped into and give you.” When you understand that, compounding [in Alloy of Law] makes much more sense.

Compounding is where you are able to kind of draw in more power than you should with feruchemy. What’s going on there is you’re actually charging a piece of metal, and then you are burning that metal as a feruchemical charge. What is happening is that the feruchemical charge overwrites the allomantic charge, and so you actually fuel feruchemy with allomancy, is what you are doing. Then if you just get out another piece of metal and store it in, since you’re not drawing the power from yourself, you’re cheating the system, you’re short-circuiting the system a little bit. So you can actually use the power that usually fuels allomancy, to fuel feruchemy, which you can then store in a metalmind, and basically build up these huge reservoirs of it. So what’s going on there is… imagine there’s like, an imprint, a wavelength, so to speak. A beat for an allomantic thing, that when you burn a metal, it says “ok, this is what power we give.” When it’s got that charge, it changes that beat and says, “now we get this power.” And you access a set of feruchemical power. That’s why compounding is so powerful.




What would happen if a person were to burn a metal that was Feruchemically charged using Allomancy?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

The metal used in Allomancy is like a key or a doorway to the power that Allomancy actually uses. The metal acts as a filter, much as the Aons in Elantris do, to determine what the power actually does. However, if the metal is Feruchemically charged, then it will basically become a super-burst of Feruchemical power with no Allomantic effect. The Feruchemical charge acts as a filter as well as the metal, and changes what the power does. in this case, say you were burning steel, you would just be massively speedy for a second, and wouldn't actually have the ability to push on anything Allomantically. Hope that answered the question. I get the concept, so if you need me to explain it differently, let me know and i'll try. Oh, the other thing I forgot is that this concept only works if it's a metal that you charged yourself. If it's a metal someone else charged, it would just work like regular Allomancy, and the Feruchemical charge would just cease to exist.


Both are from here.

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