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UPDATED: Fanart Submission: The Gallery Wants YOU!


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Greetings, my fellow artists! First of all, I wanted to let you all know how excited I am to see more fanworks finally going up here on the site. You guys are seriously awesome, and I love seeing what the fan community has to offer. Keep it up! :D

That said, I wanted to remind you all about our gallery. You can find it by clicking on the link I just gave you, or by scrolling all the way up clicking on the lovely Gallery tab at the top of your screen. Not only will you have neat features like comments, artist captions, and a nifty personal gallery that shows up in your user profile, but your artwork will also appear on the front page! At least, until enough people submit to push yours off. We are fortunate enough to have been given the Gallery software by our generous contributors, so we'd really like to see it get some more love.

(NEW 8/25)That said, the Fan Art subforum has officially closed, and all its threads have moved to the Creator's Corner board. When sharing your fanart with us, from now on, please direct all your submissions to the gallery rather than posting them in a thread. You're still welcome to discuss your fanart here in the Creator's Corner, of course, but the gallery really is the best way to show us your stuff. Thank you, and happy creating!

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It has recently come to my attention that there is some awesome fanart buried in the TWG archives. If any of it is yours, we'd love it if you'd consider reposting it in the gallery, where the world at large can admire it.

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So the gallery is great...except for how there's no subsection for Reckoners fanart. Considering how popular that series is, don't you think that's a major oversight? My portrait of Obliteration has nowhere to belong. Do you think you staff people could rectify this?

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